"Wow Estelle! I just can't thank you enough for what you're doing. It's such an amazing thing... since I've discovered your videos my life has changed into better - I don't know how you do it, but there's definitely a divine connection between you and the NATURE... you are soo connected! and you also reassuring us as well to keep on track, to believe in our selves... you are like a second MOTHER to me Estelle. Such a kind person - very kind. Thank you, thank you!"


"Thank you so much for your most important messages. It helps me to see my path more clearly and guides me in a positive way ahead! ... I need to say this again, YOU ARE the gift we give ourselves. THANK YOU!"

"Thank you so much for using your special gift for greatness and sharing with the world. For giving us better guidance and words of encouragement. You have changed my life. I never thought I would ever be this happy or that it was even possible." 

"You are amazing, Estelle! You are my psychologist and my confidante. You look deep into our souls and the higher Source has given you that blessing. Thank you so much for this encouragement in my life. Because I really feel like I can fly now."

"I wanted to truly thank you and your support throughout this transformation.  I consider you a great teacher and one of my guides in life."



"I am beginning to see how divine is ALWAYS involved and how truly guided I am.  I was guided to you - on YouTube, and then to take your course and then to realise my worth.  Realise my soul's journey ... So thank you - truly.  From the bottom of my heart, so much love to you!"

"You are like a motivational speaker with magical healing capabilities through your words."

"Estelle you are simply incredible! Blessed am I to have found an anchored Earth Angel in You! Thank you for your messages and all my Love to you."

"You are truly heaven sent! Your messages make me speechless and that can be tough for one to do to me. Your gift is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!"

"Love your style Estelle, is almost like a story teller, it shows a maturity in the way you create this narrative."



“Estelle is not only gifted with being a great tarot reader who is also highly intuitive\psychic, she is also the only healer I have ever come across who shares and gives you everything she has. Her courses are clear, concise  and easy and engaging for anyone at any level to follow. Estelle not only has the gift from a higher source but she also has the gift of being a lovely human being and is a very generous and open person with sharing her experiences and talents. I highly recommend her, I am a huge fan and cannot wait to see what she does next!”  --  Heather, USA

“Estelle, dear Estelle; would shine you up to the stars within the circle of light. She opens new doors for you to expand and affirm your own realm by encouraging you to own your power. She makes it so lean and connected. It is really not about tarot reading only. It is about empowerment, enlightenment, self-trust and divine reunion, full of joy and pureness. She has all these people around her, new projects ongoing, special clients, but she still spares her time to get back to you with heart-warming message. We are both Virgo and I salute her big time, to vibrate higher and higher consistently!  And,  I unfortunately did not have enough time to allocate and enjoy this journey as I would prefer so this is my criticism for myself to start 2019 more stable and settled mode, as we clicked via YouTube as we were so synced and she magnificently mentors everyone via tarot and angels cards in weekly basis, then, I stepped up to enrol her tarot reading, we exchanged some emails and there we are… we are lifelong friends. I am looking forward to participate into her upcoming workshops and one day, in future, whenever I feel ready to lead people spiritually, she will be one of the key person I would call out. Thank you Estelle for all. May all wishes come true!"  --  Ipek, Ireland

"Dear Estelle, I am still in awe of what happened in our last session. Your clarity of vision, compassion and joyful guidance is amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." --  Lola, Australia


“Taking Estelle’s course has been transformational on every level!  I resonate deeply with her joy for life, being true to her inner Being - her highest Self - and following the intuitive path that fills her heart.  A wise and trustworthy way-shower, her compassionate, loving guidance comes directly from a well-tuned connection to Source energy.  She’s “walking the talk” as they say, translating her experience into practical tools and a map for those of us ready for profound change and expanding consciousness.  I’ve made leaps and bounds in my understanding of how to create the life I was born to live, that we’re all born to live. Dearest Estelle, because of you, I’m actually creating the joyous reality I thought impossible. Thank you."  --  Phyllis Rose, USA


"Having Estelle as a Mentor and Coach has been life changing.  Estelle is truly an Earth Angel, High Priestess and Wise Woman all in one!  Estelle lovingly connected with my soul self so that I was able to take the steps necessary to answer my true calling and what was in my heart.  Estelle’s loving light, grace, positivity and encouragement along the way were integral along my journey of healing, transformation and manifestation in order to become who I was meant to be and live a life that is aligned and harmonious."  --  Melanie Oborne, Australia

"Estelle is authentic, and unpretentious – she truly is a leader among Lightworkers, a visionary; she has opened up an opportunity for like-minded people, and is leading the way into the higher dimensions; away from low-energy thinking, to a broader, world-encompassing mindset. We are here to raise each other up, and to raise the vibration of this planet; if you’re searching for your true calling, a deeper, more fulfilling way to live your existence – Estelle has lit the torch, and will gently lead you to your destiny; without judgement, or preconceived ideals."  --  Sandy, Canada



"The online course with Estelle happened to become one of my most exhilarating and encouraging learning experiences of my entire life so far! I would not have thought an online course could develop into such a deep and personal experience...but it did! Estelle helped me to face my fears, to open doors within, to find out who I truly am, to explore my uniqueness and my innate gifts, and most of all to gain more confidence in myself. I felt loved, supported, held and heard.

It was a time of Love, Laughter and tears; a time of growing and expanding; a time of finding my Self. Estelle's own unique way, her big warm heart, her humour and her love guided me every single step of the way. What a journey! To anybody who is still a little hesitant and not quite sure whether to go or not to go for a workshop with Estelle I would say from the bottom of my heart: 'Go for it! It's worth it! You won't regret it! Thank you so much, Estelle!"  --  Christina Powell, Scotland

"I am so glad I found Estelle! Her course was amazing! Her expertise, wisdom, her very close connection to Spirit and her loving attention to all her students, made us all feel very special and much loved. Estelle has given me the confidence and knowledge to step up and become who I was meant to be."  --  Julie, Australia

"As a lightworker/teacher myself,  I have experienced many teachings and teachers on my path, and it is refreshing to still be able to find a teacher/mentor such as Estelle that can inspire, empower and bring love and light to all her students, whilst remaining humble and transparent, sharing her vulnerabilities and third dimensional challenges. It is so easy to put a teacher/mentor on a pedestal but Estelle makes sure her students know she is no different to anyone else even whilst she is helping to lift them to their greatest potential. I am grateful I was lead to Estelle and this wonderful course!!"  --  Tanya Gullick, Spain

"I found Estelle to be a great mentor. She is so kind, compassionate, and a great motivator. A very inspirational women, who I have a lot of admiration for. She made us all feel like we were family. The course content was just right, it was so informative, and extremely well put together. The information, and what I learnt was invaluable, it was a pleasure to be part of this amazing online course. The course was such good value, I gained so much from it, including meeting some beautiful, like minded friends. I would be more than happy to go on any course that Estelle provides. I now have the confidence in my abilities, thanks to Estelle, which was lacking before the course. I am truly grateful to this very talented lady. Thank you Estelle, for changing my life."  --  Janet, UK

"When I was first introduced to Estelle’s work I felt a deep resonance and synchronicity with her energy and approach to intuitive awakening. Her authenticity and clarity were undeniable and rang true to my heart. I felt drawn to work in a more in-depth way with her. As a teacher and mentor myself I love learning from highly gifted and talented individuals like Estelle. She sincerely embodies the understandings of awakening and expansion. Her ability to bring fresh new perspectives, information and understandings forward in such a  loving, knowledgeable and focused way is truly brilliant! The energy and momentum her class brought to my life was profoundly transformational. I absolutely loved taking her class and will definitely want to continue working and studying with her in the future. Words can’t say enough for all the work (and this class) that you have so lovingly shared with all of us!"  --  Linda Helms, USA

"Estelle has so beautifully held the space for each one of us in this course. Personally for me, I have felt so supported as I explored and discovered my Own Awakening. To feel safe and secure, so loved and supported as these huge internal shifts took place is a great gift that Estelle has, and is so inspiring. I feel blessed to have shared this part of my journey with Estelle. Her devotion to our becoming who we truly are, was very evident in the quick responses to any queries we had or just to talk ( email)things through, not just a job but a true passion! She was not shy to share her own vulnerabilities which is rare, in my 20+ yrs experience so far, of spiritual teachers, and this just emphasised how beautifully genuine Estelle is. We are All learning, growing, expanding raising our vibrations , co- creating at its best! 
If you have been drawn to this Course, you’ve been drawn for a reason, your Soul wants to experience this amazing Goddesses energy and the growth, healing and clearing you will experience from being an active participant, uplifting your vibration beyond any expectation you may have. When your heart speaks listen! Be brave and dive in, you won’t regret it!" 
--  Laura Wilson, Scotland

"I highly recommend you as a mentor, Estelle. Your classes are always participant centred and their individual path needs are always your priority. I really appreciated the forethought in your class preparation, your class handouts and audios were excellently done and provided essential steps  to propel us forward along the journey in a soul-centred manner.  You are a master at guiding others find their soul's path.  The love and enthusiasm you radiate touched me to my core and drew me to you. I look forward to joining you in another class in the future!"  --  Julie Dagle-Funk, USA

"The course was wonderful because it was simple, powerful and yet, not intimidating. The guided meditations were illuminating and I intend to keep using them. I've always enjoyed your happy, loving and humorous way of sharing insights. 

I've always had some moments of sudden insight, clarity or even deja-vu, but never fully trusted them and even was a little startled by some of them. Your course had taken away a lot of my fears and anxiety. I'm embracing my connectedness/intuition now and realising how much it has always contributed to my creative writing and professional career."  --  Divya, India

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful presence throughout these last weeks and the incredible content you've offered - it is everything I could have hoped for and addressed all the aspects i was curious about; you are a masterful guide and teacher."  --  Georgia Loft, London, UK

"Your way of sharing is so open and gentle. I felt ready to let go of old thinking and embrace spirit and myself as a union! I learned to trust myself much more! So, thank you Estelle!"  --  Segri Sahlin, Sweden

"My heart lifted when I first read of Estelle opening up this course. It was wonderfully inspiring with a clear structure,  perfect pace and readily available guidance on the forum. The best thing was  Estelle's natural warmth and sweetness always shining through, encouraging us and showing how to be in this world."  --  Nina , Belgium

"It was so inspiring. Whenever I get in touch with you or see you on YouTube my heart jumps! Your fresh and happy, kind being touches me deep in my heart. Thank you so much for all your helpful advice."  --  Carola, Switzerland