'Aligning to Source Energy' Guided Meditation - 15 Minutes

We all have an unbreakable connection to Source Energy; the Divine; Infinite Intelligence. But most of the time, we forget about this beautiful resource. Source Energy is there for everyone, and is limitless and boundless. It contains all the wisdom, love and abundance. It knows the clearest path to your dreams. It holds every answer. It knows Who You Truly Are. It sees your Light. It feels your Magnificence. Source Energy holds the All and Everything.


Using the 'Aligning to Source Energy' - Guided Meditation daily, can help:

  • Open your awareness to Source Energy.

  • Strengthen and deepen your connection to your Soul (the part of you that resides within Source Energy).

  • Increase feelings of relaxation and optimism.

  • Develop your intuition.

  • Increase feelings of unity and oneness.

  • Open you up to the flow of the Universe.

'Aligning to Source Energy' Guided Meditation - 15 Minutes

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