"A Leader among Lightworkers.


Here to serve in the AWAKENING and ASCENSION of HUMANKIND." 

29th April 2020

25th March 2020

5th March 2020


20th February 2020

I've been for some tests and the specialist has diagnosed “throat cancer”. They believe it’s the papilloma virus that has affected my left tonsil. I've been having throat issues on and off for over 14 months and finally went for some tests, with a couple more to come over the next week or so.


I won’t align myself with this label, because for me personally, it feels very limiting and comes with so much negative baggage.


I feel deeply and strongly that I'm not going to leave my earthly body just yet, but it has focused my mind somewhat.


For over a year I have been healing and clearing for England! Like many of you, I am shedding the old and preparing for my greatest AWAKENING. It has meant, that for all my good intentions about creating other products and services that can help others uplift, ascend and awaken, I have only had the energy for my YouTube readings and the launch of my new book.


Now I must go within for a final time, to heal, so that I can fully WAKE-UP and AWAKEN.


The intensity of this healing won’t surprise many of you, who like me, are going through a challenging time trying to fully and completely own all that you are.


In lifetimes gone by, we’ve been persecuted, tortured, burned and killed for who we were. And the energetic wound, runs deep. That’s why so many of us, just before taking our final leap, are struggling. I, like many of you in past or parallel lifetimes, have been brutally killed, over and over and over again, for being in our power, for wanting to help and heal others, for wanting to uplift humankind.


The upshot of this is that for the next couple of weeks there will be no weekly readings.


Beyond that, who knows. I am surrendering moment to moment and taking my cues from One Consciousness.


One thing I do know is that I will be embracing and owning my role as Messenger for Oneness. I have to. I must. No more sleep-walking, no more stalling, no more burying my light under tarot, no more apologising, no more turning away from who I truly am, no more playing small, no more playing someone else’s tune, no more trying to fit in, no more procrastinating, no more excuses for not feeling ready yet, no more hiding my power, no more playing down my role in this world, no more trying to gain approval, no more pretending I’ve got it all figured out, no more waiting for the ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ time.


This is my Wake Up Call.


I am here as a messenger for Oneness, to lead and guide you into the new and higher energies and vibrations (dimensions). Helping you let go of the old, integrate the new and awaken to all you truly are. Helping you to understand our journey back to Oneness.


I’ve surrounded myself with many amazing healers, energy workers, health and well-being practitioners who are helping and supporting me.


I have already let a few people know and the question I always get is ‘how can we help and support you?’ 


If you feel inclined, I would appreciate you keeping me in your prayers. Some have also asked me to put a donation button on my YouTube channel, but I don’t think that’s an option in the UK. So instead I have placed it below.


Many of you may contact me to send your good wishes. Know that I appreciate them more than you know. But because I need to keep my energy within for healing, I may not be able to respond.


But one thing I do know for sure is that - I WILL BE BACK.


More open than I’ve ever been.


Naked, raw, wild, perfectly imperfect.


Ready to serve, in our return to ONENESS.


I’ll keep you updated.


With love


Area One by Estelle Cranfield


Be careful what you wish for


For millennia, people have asked for greater powers. Like the power to make something appear out of thin air, the ability to see through walls, to read someone else’s thoughts, or the power to know when something is about to happen.


The wait is over


Your requests have been answered, and as we speak, the abilities of Manifestation, Thought Reading, Seeing, and Sensing are beginning to weave into your world, blend with your energy, fuse with your DNA, RNA, and cells — changing you and your planet forever.


Welcome to Area One


A place beyond your current imagination and realisation. A place where the most incredible evolutionary leap has begun.


Despite his failure to pass the assessment granting him entry, Trent is determined to get into the New Land known as Area One any way he can. Partnering with four others who also failed to make the cut—Hudson, Devon, Will, and Ziva—Trent and his group plan a covert break-in. But when they succeed, they discover Area One may not be the Utopia they imagined. Because a new world is emerging, and while the expanded human functions have the potential to lead to a life of untold fulfilment and wonder, they can also devastate mankind.


Something monumental is happening and Area One is just the beginning


Combining divine wisdom with adventure and ingenuity, Area One is part spiritual guide and part cautionary tale about the choices we make, and the opportunity that awaits if we dare to embrace our newfound gifts.

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How to use the "Messages From The Universe" Reading Videos:

1. Get clear and specific about your issue/question/dilemma.

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3. Ask the Universe to give you a number between 1 and however many readings are in the playlist.

4. Allow the number to come to you. You may see it, hear it, feel it, know it. Whatever way it comes to you, is perfect! There is no right or wrong way to receive the number.

5. Watch the corresponding numbered video and within the video reading, will be:


"Your Message From The Universe"


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