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"A Leader among Lightworkers.


Here to serve in the AWAKENING and ASCENSION of HUMANKIND." 

"I've now stopped doing all personal readings, so that I can focus on other creative projects." Estelle


Are you yearning for Universal guidance?

Do you have a question for the Divine?

Want some guidance from Infinite Intelligence?

Well, now you can - by using my newly Reincarnated YouTube Weekly Readings!

I’ve taken some YouTube Weekly Readings and given them each a number, so all you need to do is ask the question:

"Universe, what Video Reading contains the message that I most need to hear right now?"

"All I can say is divine timing.

I cannot thank you enough."

"Yes! Number #9  That video was everything I needed to hear. How cool! I feel like I've had a personal reading from you."

"Number 12 - OMG! Spot on. This is exactly what is going on for me now! OMG - that's amazing! I love these videos!"

How to use the "Messages From The Universe" Reading Videos:

1. Get clear and specific about your issue/question/dilemma.

2. Ask the Universe to direct you to the reading video that contains the message you most need to hear right now.

3. Ask the Universe to give you a number between 1 and however many readings are in the playlist.

4. Allow the number to come to you. You may see it, hear it, feel it, know it. Whatever way it comes to you, is perfect! There is no right or wrong way to receive the number.

5. Watch the corresponding numbered video and within the video reading, will be:


"Your Message From The Universe"


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